Tree Shear

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    Built by Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products, Inc.

       The Heavy Duty Tree Shear built by ECWASP is designed to clear trees from pastures, CRP land or any other property with unwanted trees.  It is rated for cutting up to 8" dia. trees.  While it is possible to cut larger trees, it is not recommended.  The blades open wide for clusters of smaller trees.   The Shear is equipped with 5" x  10" hydraulic cylinders rated to operate at 3000 psi.  The blades are 3/4" x 12" high carbon steel and can be resharpened and shimmed closer.  They are mounted flush with the ground level to cut as low as possible.  When operated properly, the stump can be driven over without damage to tires or equipment.  The blade arms are heavy duty plate reinforced with box tubing and swivel on replaceable bronze bushings.  All hydraulic hoses and fittings are well guarded.  An "A" style brush guard keeps the tree from falling on the skid loader yet allows easy entrance/exit for the operator.

       The picture to the right shows the underside of the shear with a stump that has been cut flush with the ground.  The shear is built out in front far enough to allow good vision of the work area and to reach into other brush as shown below.  The machine is rugged enough to use for moving downed trees and brush!  Because a skid loader provides the best visibility and is very mobile, a universal quick tach for skid loaders is standard. However, the machine can be mounted to 3 point hitch or other loaders by special order or customizing.





           Specifications:   Weight                       1350 lbs.

                                    Hydraulics: 2400-3000 psi / 15-35 gpm

                                    Width:                               72"

                                     Depth:                              60"

            HD Tree Shear with std. skid loader quick Tach

                                      PRICE:                   $6500


Brush/Debris Grapple    

6' wide Heavy Duty construction          Price:      $2850

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